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  1. 2008.04.19 sport-scene.net 뭐냐.-_-; (4)
일상2008.04.19 10:00
We regret to inform you that sport-scene.net will be closed shortly. We are working on a plan to keep the site running for another two months but because of the lack of replies from our 11,000+ users on our call for help we may not be able to continue to run the site. There have been two replies to that Mass-PM I sent out out of more than 11,000 registered users. Taking that into calculation, the majority of our users doesn't care about helping us out on this urgent matter, giving something back to us for our effort we have put into this place.

NOTICE: This is a mass pm, it has been sent to everyone

아 이제 NCAA는 어디서 경기 구하나.-_-;

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