NBA/Spurs2005.09.03 03:59
Spurs' Brown signs Jazz's offer
Two deals: First Palacio, then the restricted free agent from San Antonio
By Lya Wodraska
The Salt Lake Tribune

After getting Milt Palacio all but signed on the dotted line Wednesday, Kevin O'Connor, Utah's vice president of basketball operations, said his attention would be on finding a solid swingman.
It didn't take him long to find his man.
Devin Brown, the San Antonio Spurs' restricted free agent, has signed an offer sheet for a two-year deal from the Jazz, a league source told The Salt Lake Tribune.
Earlier this summer, Brown's agent, Darrick Powell, met with the Jazz and said at the time that the meeting went well and that his client was "eager" to play for the Jazz.
The Spurs have seven days to match Utah's offer, but the Spurs may not feel the need to keep Brown because they were the winner in the Michael Finley popularity contest, although San Antonio general manager R.C. Buford told the San Antonio Express-News he would not
rule out matching an offer from another team.
Finley, a two-time All-Star released by Dallas under the amnesty rule, was courted by Miami, Phoenix and Minnesota before he signed with San Antonio on Wednesday.
It was predicted that once Finley signed, other free agents would quickly follow suit. On Wednesday, O'Connor said Finley's signing would impact the Jazz.
"There is always a domino effect with a player like that that affects a lot of teams," O'Connor said of the Finley waiting game.
The 6-foot-5 Brown is considered one of the top swingmen still available after averaging 7.4 points and 2.6 rebounds for the Spurs last season.
Brown was passed over in the 2002 NBA draft, then signed by the Spurs as a free agent. He was cut a month later, then signed, and again waived in November. Brown changed uniforms in April 2003, signing a 10-day contract with Denver.
He was brought back to San Antonio in August 2003, finally remaining on the roster.
After a long quiet period, the Jazz have had a busy week, signing second-round pick Robert Whaley to a two-year contract Tuesday and Palacio on Thursday.
Utah is also expected to re-sign backup point guard Keith McLeod, which would give the Jazz three point guards going into training camp.
Palacio, an NBA journeyman who has averaged 4.5 points, 2.5 assists and 17.7 minutes in his career, is valued for his experience at the point guard position, complementing rookie Deron Williams and McLeod.

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