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Buck Harvey: Nick Van Spur? The way to change
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San Antonio Express-News

"My bad reputation," Nick Van Exel once lamented, "will never go away."

But he said that unaware he someday would have a chance to connect with Tim Duncan. To work in Gregg Popovich's system. To win a title.

His bad reputation?

It's in danger this season.

Van Exel didn't become a Spur on Monday to change his image. He wants to win, and this is a good match for both parties. Michael Finley might not fit as well.

Still, his reputation is a subplot to this signing, because Van Exel is a contrast to the league's model franchise. The last time the Spurs and Van Exel were on the floor together, in January, told of that. Then Van Exel was ejected.

Another time, he was suspended seven games for pushing a ref. Another time, he flashed an obscene gesture in, coincidentally, San Antonio. Another time, TV cameras caught him in a huddle yelling at then-Lakers coach Del Harris.

Then there's the story Shaquille O'Neal repeated in his autobiography. During the 1998 playoffs, when the Lakers were one game away from being swept by Utah, the players gathered for a huddle after practice. They put their hands together and did the ritual cheer, "1-2-3, team."

But instead of saying "Team," Van Exel yelled out "Cancun!"

Popovich strangles over less.

Van Exel has earned his image. He has been an angry player who, when frustrated, will say or do almost anything. He has said as much.

"Sure, I'm angry and moody and evil," he once said. "But only on the basketball court. I want to win so bad, I'm angry at everyone. I've got to get mad so I can perform well. But for me, a bad guy is someone who carries that anger into their personal life. And I don't do that. Nobody can say that about me."

This — and the minimal investment — is why he makes sense for the Spurs. If his knees hold up, he can provide the bench scoring the Spurs need, as well as the edgy attitude of a Mario Elie.

But Elie played on winners before he came to the Spurs, and so he was known as outspoken yet professional. Van Exel has played on losers for most of his career, and losing has brought out the worst in him.

At every stop he'd try to explain himself, sometimes talking about his tough childhood, usually pledging to be better. Twice — when he arrived in Dallas and later Portland — he announced a new Nick had replaced the old.

"Now if I don't like someone, I won't be as quick to talk about them," Van Exel once said, citing his newfound maturity. "Like George Karl. I'm not a big George Karl fan, so if somebody comes up to me and asks me what I think about George Karl not making the playoffs, I wouldn't say, 'Oh, I'm glad, I hate that guy.' I'd be a little more subtle."

Classic Van Exel. Subtly, he made sure everyone knew he didn't like Karl.

Given that, Van Exel and Popovich will likely exchange words over the course of a long season. Given that, Van Exel will challenge a few Spurs in the locker room, too.

But how much of a negative will it be? The Mavericks wondered the same when they considered trading for Van Exel in 2002. Then they went to Harris to ask if they should make the deal.

"I told them," Harris said then, "that there have been a lot of bad things that have been floated around about Nick over the years, some of them true, others not. But he is not a bad guy. Regardless of what you've heard, he'll give you 20 points, he'll play hard. He's really not a bad guy."

Chris Webber went further. He called Van Exel the "heart and soul" of those Mavericks, and Portland likely thought the same in a first-round series in 2003. Then, in Game 7, Van Exel had 26 points and made 5 of 6 shots in the fourth quarter to beat the Blazers.

By the time the Mavericks played the Spurs in the Western Conference finals that season, Dirk Nowitzki, Finley and Steve Nash showed rare respect. They deferred to Van Exel.

Van Exel was happy and with a winner, but then came a double-cross. When the Mavericks traded for Van Exel, Mark Cuban promised Van Exel he would guarantee the final year of the contract he had negotiated in Denver, a season worth $12,831,000. But after that playoff series against the Spurs, the Mavericks traded Van Exel to the Warriors.

The contract was someone else's problem. Van Exel? He was back playing for losers. When Portland released him this summer, opting not to pay the final year on his contract, it was the $12 million that Cuban had not guaranteed.

Now Van Exel has agreed to play for a fraction of his old salary. He's also fully aware there will be nights when Popovich chooses not to play him.

Has a new Nick replaced the old?

There's never been a better chance.

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하지만 파커는 저 아저씨를 보고 뭘 배울지 심히 걱정됩니다. -_-;;;; ( 심판 밀기 -_-? 속공에서 런닝 3점 -_-?)

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