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Brown weighs hometown vs. more minutes
Web Posted: 07/23/2005 12:00 AM CDT

Johnny Ludden
Express-News Staff Writer

Fresh off a sun-splashed, two-week Miami vacation, much of which was spent shuttling from tee box to basketball court, Devin Brown is happy to report his back feels steadier than his golf swing.

(Kin Man Hui / Express-News)

Devin Brown averaged 7.4 points during the regular season, but saw action in only 12 of 23 playoff games.
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Having put his PGA aspirations on hold for at least another year, the Spurs' free-agent guard plans to resume his NBA career. Hopefully, he said, in the same city where it began.
"I want to stay here as long as I can," said Brown, who starred at West Campus High School and UTSA before joining the Spurs. "San Antonio is a great situation for me.

"On the other side of that, I know I also have to do what's best for my career. I think every pro player wants to play as much as he can. I would love to play 30 minutes a night if I could, so that's something I have to look at also, if another team is interested."

Because Brown is a restricted free agent, the Spurs can retain him by matching any offer he receives from another team or they can decide not to re-sign him and go with someone else. Brown's agent, Derek Powell, said at least 12 teams have expressed varying levels of interest, including Portland, Seattle and Cleveland.

"It's still going kind of slow," Brown said. "Teams are seeing what their options are. It's no rush, so we're taking our time and looking at different situations."

Brown said he might visit with a couple of teams in the next two weeks. His biggest challenge, however, will be to convince the Spurs and any other potential suitors that his back injury won't be a lingering problem.

Brown had developed into one of the Spurs' most productive reserves before a herniated disk forced him onto the injured list in late March. The injury also weakened his right leg. Though Brown was placed on the team's postseason roster, he never completely regained his explosiveness and averaged only 5.4 minutes in 11 playoff games.

"Everybody knows he is (Gregg Popovich)'s kind of player, so the fact he played minimally in the playoffs would tend to frighten teams about how bad he is," said a Western Conference executive whose team briefly considered Brown. "There's no question it's had an effect on his market value. He's a defender, he plays real hard and he gets to the basket. Anything that minimizes his ability to do any of those things is going to make teams leery."

Brown said he was told during his season-ending physical that his back had healed. He also said he has had no problems playing basketball or golf this summer.

"The leg is good," Brown said. "If a team has a lot of interest in me and they still have concerns, I'm willing to take physicals or work out for them."

Spurs officials, so far, appear hesitant on giving Brown much of a raise beyond the $700,000 he made last season until they better determine his health and market value, as well as assess their other free-agent options.

Sacramento guard Maurice Evans, also a restricted free agent, is among those options. After averaging 6.4 points and 3.1 rebounds in 65 games last season for the Kings, Evans has "significant interest" in joining the Spurs, his agent said Friday.

The Spurs know Evans well. He played the 2000-01 season at the University of Texas, works out at the Spurs' practice facility during the summer and recently purchased a home in San Antonio.

"He really likes it here," said Evans' San Antonio-based agent, Roger Montgomery. "Obviously, he's still a restricted free agent, but I think he would be a good fit with the Spurs. We'll just have to see what happens."

Having already agreed to three-year contracts with Robert Horry and Fabricio Oberto, the Spurs have about half of their $5 million midlevel exception remaining, as well as a lesser $1.6 million exception. The Kings, who would have 15 days to match any offer sheet Evans signs, may be less interested in keeping him after agreeing Friday to acquire swingman Bonzi Wells from Memphis.

Like Brown, Evans is 26 years old and measures 6-foot-5, 220 pounds. While Evans is slightly more explosive, one scout considers Brown a little better all-around player.

Whether it's Evans, Brown or someone else, finding an athletic wing player is among the Spurs' top remaining priorities. The team likely won't pick up Linton Johnson III's option except to include him in a trade.

Indiana swingman James Jones also has attracted interest from the Spurs, but, like Evans, is a restricted free agent. New Orleans' forward Casey Jacobsen, an unrestricted free agent, is another option.

The Spurs, who also would like to add a veteran big man and a third point guard, have talked to a handful of teams about trading center Rasho Nesterovic. Atlanta, which is in need of a big man, has so far shown no interest.

The Spurs also are hesitant to commit to anything until the NBA's new collective bargaining agreement is completed because veteran guards such as Michael Finley, Doug Christie and Allan Houston might be waived by their respective teams under the league's new amnesty rule.

For now, Brown will be patient. He's putting on a free basketball clinic for kids today and his youth camp starts in two weeks.

His 13 handicap also could use some work.

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